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An 8 week guide to go from plant-based newbie to Vegan chef (or at least foodie). This course will help you understand the importance of cooking with intention, using local, organic and staple ingredients that will make plant-based cooking easy, delicious and you will learn to love cooking and not just follow recipes.


Appropriate for all levels. Recipes are 100% vegan. 


Take your tastebuds on a vicarious adventure as we explore healthier versions of traditional favourites from all around the world. 

This is an on-going adventure throughout the world full of flavour and new countries, cultures, dishes are explored on Youtube. Members get exclusive benefits in that they can vote for dishes, get secret recipes not yet released, have the opportunity to join live cooking classes, ask questions and also enjoy going on food challenges as we master new recipes and explore with different ingredients. You will learn about the culture as well, popular ingredients and local seasonings and enjoy an interactive and fun learning platform. This will roll out in video but as a member you can also vote and veto some secret recipes and have your say what makes it into the cookbook! 


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