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As a Kindred Kitchens Member you get first access to recipes, meal plans, updates on restaurants and of course, the yummy stuff, taste-testing and reviews in support our qualified local food heroes.

It's true, we vote with our wallets and we believe that healthy (and delicious) plant-based food is a necessity and a human right! Kindred Kitchens works with several strategic partners to help and support ethical and forward-thinking local businesses as we work closely within the communities to source and share the best and most qualified food/service providers.


We work with small to medium-sized restaurants to increase their market share and optimize their menus so they meet the demands and needs of the world's fastest-growing community of healthy, conscious consumers. 

Restaurants that don't meet these demands or start to step up and offer foods that meet the most common dietary needs or plant-based option will miss out on this niche in the market share which increased 40% within the last year. Plant-based consumers are also noted for being the most loyal consumers and would prefer to support local brands and businesses. 

Big franchise restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks, and even popular dine-in restaurants such as Il Fornello are all adapting in some way adapting their menus to accommodate these changing demands and increase awareness, we connect you to a support network and loyal consumers. and you can too, in just 3 simple steps!

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