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Today, Angela is a healthy, plant-based food addict and ambassador who has been vegan for over 5 years, has been in the Health and Wellness Industry for 5 years and has more than 10 years combined experience working in the food & beverage industry and has dedicated her life and work to help inspire healthier living through plant-based nutrition and conscious consumption in the food industry. 


She believes that food is medicine but also a celebration of life, an opportunity to nourish the body, fuel the mind and that food is the ingredient that can connect us all. It's a universal experience that can bring us together and it feeds our souls.

Angela founded Kindred Kitchens in 2017 and it has evolved over the years to include a variety of services such as Catering, Corporate 'Lunch & Learns', Health Coaching, Cooking Classes, Product Testing and Sharing and Food-focused events to promote healthy lifestyle & sustainable solutions such as food sharing, reducing or zero waste and eating local, organic and plant-based food.

Her mission is to use food to inspire optimal health and a conscious community by empowering better choices, purchases, practice and ethics. The goal is to create conscious consumers who think beyond food fads and diet culture and even traditional concepts of nutrition and health and to reinforce that healthy plant-based food can be nutritious, delicious and affordable. 
Due to the devastation caused by COVID-19 and the negative impact it has had on the food and restaurant industry in the GTA, Angela has been working on the plans and development of the Restaurant Revolution 

My family never really had a healthy dinner time tradition, my parents were separated and cooking was considered a chore, so I often had frozen dinners or meat-based meals that lacked imagination and nutrition. I was lucky because I hardly ever ate fast food so I never acquired that taste early in life. However, my body was not metabolizing things properly, and I wasn't even aware that it was normal metabolism was or how frequently because I was actually constantly constipated, but that was my normal, my body was always under stress and I didn't even know it. 


When I ate at friends' houses for dinner, I was exposed to all sorts of different exotic spices, aromas, flavours and interesting ways of combining ingredients I'd never experienced before. It was inspiring and I started exploring and experimenting with my own food at home from a very young age. So, I guess you could say food was a passion of mine early on and now I'm lucky enough to combine it with my creativity and desire to make everything a little (and sometimes a lot) healthier by removing and replacing common foods that trigger inflammation and sensitivities and allergies and respect animals, our resources and our precious planet. . 

At just 14 years of age, I felt so grown up and I WANTED a job in a kitchen so I went out and applied somewhere and I actually got a job, as prep chef. I was excited to learn new skills, techniques and even EAT and get paid for it. Literally, this was (at the time) my dream job. I started off as a prep girl, learning how to wash, cut and prepare and  I got really comfortable working with a knife. The second restaurant I started off as, “ Angie, the salad girl", and I quickly moved up and was equipped and trained to work in all stations in the kitchen, however to be honest, I'll always. be a salad girl. It was during this time, when I started cooking for myself is when I really took control of my own health and not without even realizing it, I was starting to shift towards a more plant-based diet. My digestion issues improved, I had more energy and I found that buying vegetables was cheaper than buying processed food or meat so it was a win/win without question. 

Fast forward to today, I realize what I used to think was healthy, was not-so-healthy and I’ve been educated and trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Vegan Chef and I am the founder of Kindred Kitchens and I am actually just fascinated by food and all the amazing things it can do in terms of healing the body, cleansing and revitalizing your energy. I have 5 years experience working as an integrative nutrition vegan chef  here at Kindred Kitchens and  teaching different workshops, or offer corporate services and special events, conventions or retreats. 


 I love teaching others how to cook, to create and have fun while making something delicious. It's one thing to follow a recipe but to know why you are doing what you are doing,  you have both the mindset and the skillset, optimizing your meals will become really easy, enjoyable and natural. .




Cannabinoid protocol coaching 2020

Vegan Chef 

-Kindred Kitchens 2017

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integrative nutrition health coach 2015

Vegan since March 1, 2015


10+ years in the food & hospitality industry


-> Veggie parade 2017-2019

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