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Brunch & Beyond

Last week was the tasting of Beyond Meat products and I whipped up a whole bunch of brunch ideas using beyond ground, beyond beef burgers, sweet Italian sausage, spicy Italian sausage and breakfast sausage for Sysco's Virtual Kitchen. Click here if you want to watch the replay of the livestream.

I can't believe I made so much food in just a half hour! Here are some photos to showcase all of the deliciousness I made that day for brunch.... all by myself. :) I did end up sharing some with friends and neighbours, vegan and carnivores and they all told me that it was awesome. So it's not just my own biased opinion, but I am proud of how beautiful these meals are, and tasty too!

I made grilled and stuffed avocados, and experimented between using the Beyond Ground and a slice of the spicy Italian sausage. I served that with a quesadilla stuffed with grilled veggies, Beyond ground and vegan cheese. I used Daiya for the stuffing and made my own cheese sauce to pour on top. I also normally would pour the vegan cheese sauce on the avocado too but I left them so you could actually see the Beyond stuffing I made for each half. I garnished each quesadilla quarter slice with Beyond spicy Italian sausage and a jalapeño slice.

Another delicious breakfast I created was Beyond Benedicts, using the Beyond breakfast sausage, scrambled turmeric tofu, vegan hollandaise, arugula and to provide options, I used vegan mayo on the one and melted Daiya Mozzarella on the second. For the demo I just used English muffins, but you could always a gluten-free pancake as the base instead.

Another delicious dish I created was this traditional 'French' toast and sausage and 'egg' breakfast, veganized to be egg-free by using scrambled turmeric tofu and an eggless dip for the 'French' toast, which I used a slice of sourdough rye for in this pic. I also garnished with blueberries, coconut, a sprinkle of cinnamon and of course, maple syrup.

Of course I had to make some sort of breakfast burger so I decided to go big. I made a coconut bacon double cheeseburger made with Beyond burgers and breakfast sausage. I used English muffin as the bun because they remind me of breakfast food. Some home-made ketchup, tomato, vegan mayo, tomato, melted Daiya, homemade cheese sauce, red onion, fresh arugula and smashed avocado... yum.

And for something sweet I created two different waffle bowls, stuffed with sweet Italian Beyond sausage, banana vanilla nice cream and different garnishes. The first pic is my 'deep fried' ice cream, made into a no-fry nice cream, in which I added the crunchy coating by rolling the banana nice cream in granola and cinnamon. Coconut bacon sprinkles with fresh blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup. It's a berry nice sundae with sausage.

Some of these recipes will be coming posted this week.

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