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We bridge the gaps between for diverse food populations in the community and help increase access to vegan, gluten free, allergy-free foods and prevent cross-contamination.


We are based in Toronto and work with local restaurants to augment their existing menus, providing them with training, creative menu items that ensure specific dietary needs and requirements are met and whenever possible, use local and sustainable produce to provide healthy, nutritious, and high quality foods. 


Our mission is promote and share healthier, plant-based food options and sustainable solutions as we strive for optimal quality control and encourage our clients to provide nutritional information and be considerate of lower impact and ethical solutions.



Our members are informed and incentivized to make healthier, choices when it comes to food consumption. 
We are new in town but grateful for all the support we've had this far. As we grown we promise to promote and share even more restaurants who meet our high standards of quality assurance and either implement sustainable lifestyle solutions, or are dedicated to making a shift to service diverse food populations, practice better ethics and/or plant-based food options to the general public. We create the demand!
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 Our Members are Incentivized by a Rewards Program that promotes food brands, businesses and products that are sustainable, ethical and providing opportunity for optimal health.



Check out our list of restaurants around the GTA who offer plant-based menus or items. We evaluate them through our high quality standards protocol and requirements for recommendation.


Simply put, we are here to heal the world through food. Promoting plant-based and sustainable systems and support

local businesses and individuals succeed by connecting them to a health conscious community.

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