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I founded Kindred Kitchens in 2017 and it has evolved over the years to include a variety of services that promote healthy lifestyle & sustainable solutions such as plant-based meals, food sharing, reducing or zero waste and eating local, organic and plant-based food. I'm an activist who is passionate about educating and empowering others to live and feel healthier through efficient, sustainable solutions that create positive impact.


I work with restaurant and food service businesses  to develop plant-based menu options that are optimized to meet a variety of criteria such as food allergies, lower impact packaging and are eligible for various certification, verifications and awards using their current food inventory.

Food is a medium I use to inspire optimal health and a conscious community by empowering better food choices, purchases, practice and ethics. In a consumer society, my goal is to create conscious 'consumers' who think beyond food fads and diet culture and even traditional concepts of nutrition and health and to reinforce that healthy plant-based food can be nutritious, delicious, affordable and fun and inspire others look, feel and function their best and learn to eat by listening to their body and their intuition. 

Green Goodness

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Qualifications & Experience


BeVeg Certified Vegan Business 2020

TOS Consultant for Oceanic Global 2020

Vegan Chef 
- Sysco Canada's Vegan Chef 2021
- Crisper kits 2020
- Kindred Kitchens 2017

Raw Vegan Chef Training
Sayuri Healing Food, Bali 2017 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2015

Vegan since March 1, 2015
10+ years in the food & hospitality industry

Vegan Activism
-> Veggie parade 2017-2019
-> Compassion on the streets
-> Adopt don't shop documentary

Food Handlers Certificate

Smart Serve Certified

BaDes OCAD University 



You are what you eat.


Canada's Vegan & Plant-based Chef on Sysco's Virtual Kitchen


I began my role as Sysco Canada's Vegan and Plant-based Chef in April 2021. She provided product testing and value content creation and recipes as an influencer. 

For those who want the recipes seen in these virtual shows are available in Angela's upcoming cookbook, which is now available for pre-purchase. Also, subscribe 
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"A PLANT-BASED DIET IS LIKE A ONE-stop shop against chronic disease"

Michael Gregar

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Vegan Menu Inspiration