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The healthy100% plant-based,
Menu Optimization

that puts immunity on the menu,

increases market share & drives profits while positively impacting the planet!

Through a simple 3-step process, the Restaurant Evolution will help you create an extension of your existing menu and optimize it to accommodate increasing demands due to health, dietary and lifestyle needs.


Your new recipes will be vegan certified originals inspired by what you already offer. You will also be provided with information to help your restaurant shift towards more sustainable operating practices. We then promote you to a health-conscious community who want to support you.



Menu Optimization

A mini-menu of the most popular dishes

remixed into a healthier, 100% plant-based alternative and that caters to most major food allergens and dietary needs.


All recipes will provide the nutritional information, calories and also the health benefits of certain ingredients. 

Recipes will be certified vegan, and will be based off your original recipe and ingredients.


Your custom designed mini menu will be provided for web and online distribution only as we want to reduce unnecessary waste and use of natural resources. Print versions will be available at an extra charge.




Testing & Training

Yes! We get to test the recipes after we create them to see which ones makes the cut. It's delicious and fun. 


Once the menu is finalized, staff will be trained and tested on simple ingredient swaps, approved vegan substitutions, safe sugar substitutions, common allergens and healthy plant-based alternatives.

We help find sustainable solutions to help reduce your restaurants plastic waste on behalf of Oceanic Global.  


New Menu Promotion

Your new menu will be promoted to the fastest growing niche of common dietary restrictions, allergies and health-conscious, plant-based consumers.


Get promoted to a community who wants to support the positive change and eat in a way that positively impacts our health, saves animals and reduces are carbon footprint. 


 A whole new audience will come just to try your new menu because food is the ingredient that binds us together. 




We recognize a huge gap in the market restaurants not offering a wide-variety of healthy, plant-based varieties, and failing to meet many dietary needs or common food sensitivities. And as restaurants are struggling to adapt to new COVID-19 rules, regulations and protocols, we can't let concerns for health and safety continue to cause more devastation to the environment.

We all could benefit by eating healthier and what if by doing so, we were also doing something good for the planet? 


We must become conscious and proactive about the impacts of disposable packaging and prefer more sustainable options and consume healthy, plant-based foods. 


A vegan diet is considered the least environmentally impactful diet.  This diet utilizes lower demand plant-based foods and alternatives. Consumers are shifting towards more plant-based options for a variety of reasons such as animal welfare, health, reducing impact on the environment and respecting food sensitivities and allergies.  


Our mission is to provide and empower healthier, safer and more sustainable food options and to reduce our negative impact by working together.  


A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force.

- Idowu Koyenikan




The Restaurant Evolution works with restaurants to increase accessibility to customers and community, driving more sales and be recognized for your contribution to do something good for the health of your customers and in consideration of the planet. 


What it is, is simply an extension of your existing menu offerings, but this optimized mini menu is 100% plant-based, uses ingredients to accommodate most common food sensitivities and allergens just by modifying a few ingredients. Not only will the optimized menu have a naturally lower calorie count, but they will be cholesterol free and often have gluten-free and sugar-free offerings for customers with specific health concerns while eating out. Aside from offering more plant-based foods and offsetting your carbon imprint on our planet, you will get hooked up as we continue to grow and build an alliance of strategic partnerships, who also want to be proactive and do their part. 


We are stronger when we work together and we must move forward with sustainable solutions for a safe and healthier future. 



to make your menu more accommodating...


Did you know?

Approximately 2.5 million

Canadians self-report having at least one allergy

-Food Allergy Canada

9.4% per cent of

Canadians consider themselves  VEGAN or


-Dalhousie University Study

you could...

Provide a mini-menu of your popular items using 100% plant-based ingredients and offering options to accommodate common food allergies and dietary needs

Provide the best service and options for all of your potential customers

Swap a few ingredients and open yourself up to even more customers, driving more sales 


Get recognized as a trustworthy and progressive restaurant establishment. One who cares about their customers' needs and is proactive about health and the environment.

Stop having to create so much plastic and disposable waste that is polluting our land & oceans  

Switch to something more eco-friendly with a sustainable support system and a bulk buying purchasing platform to make it easy on your budget

Offer a menu with reduced calories and that is cholesterol free, with healthy plant-based options that are delicious and made using common ingredients, most of which you already have in stock.

Increase your sales by taping into the fastest growing niche of health-conscious consumers


Each day a vegan diet saves

1 animals life,
20lbs of CO2 emissions,

 30sq ft of forest,

45lbs of grain,

1,100 gallons of water

When we learn how to work together

versus against each other things

might start getting better. 

- Alek Elle

feeding the future

 with friends

BeVeg Official Logo.jpeg

Through their group-buying platform, Direct Co-ops works with independent businesses and leverages their group buying power and reduce expenses. They are continuously adding to their sustainable restaurant supplies and now offer compostable products. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.58.16

Kindred Kitchens is currently in training to become a TOS Consultant on behalf of Oceanic Global whose mission to set a new industry standard around responsible consumption and we execute out sustainable initiatives through the Restaurant Evolution.

Direct Co-ops is being formed to create the largest buying cooperative in history, truly linking small businesses, cooperatives and unions to prepare them for the New Economy.

Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together. 

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