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Hi! My Name is Angela and I'm the founder of Kindred Kitchens! I'm a healthy, plant-based Foodie, certifiably so, I'm a Vegan Chef and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Consultant. 
My mission through Kindred Kitchens is to show people how food (plants) is  medicine and is a catalyst for positive social change. My mission through Kindred Kitchens is  to elevate the food experience through education, sustainable solutions and by putting 'immunity' on the menu, and making each and every meal nutritious and delicous. I offer a variety of services and work with some amazing companies to help build a healthier more sustainable future.
Read my full bio for more information on my training, experience and foodlosophy or check out some of my services and follow me on social media. 
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Great Taste. ZERo Waste.

Home-cooking just got easier! We have teamed up with CRISPER KITS, Toronto's first 100% plant-based, zero-waste meal delivery kit. This enables you to plan ahead, do minimal prep and still eat fresh, home-cooked meal and waste way less! It's a win, win, win. 

Healthy food, cruelty-free, whole food and easy recipes made in 45 minutes or less and the membership program ensures you return the jars when you receive your next order. Sound good? 

They are launching soon, September 2020, for now, find them on instagram @crisper_kits

or visit their website 

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One of the benefits of working with us is that you are guaranteed that all of our recipes are 100% vegan. 

And we working closely with BeVeg and represent on their behalf when consulting restaurants in our Restaurant Evolution. 

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While the goal for all of clients is always the same, the path getting there differs for everyone based on their needs, goals and lifestyles. That being said, not all meal plans can be the same, however we are currently curating recipes and meal plans for specific dietary needs. The path to getting there varies based on their goals, health history, and emotional availability. So, we've developed different meal plans based on the various profiles of individuals and the most common dietary concerns. These are standard plans you can start at any time, if you would like customization, that is available at an extra charge. 

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