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Kindred Kitchens was founded in 2018 in Toronto, ON and has evolved over the years and has offered a wide range of holistic health and integrative nutrition food services. Today we provide training, education, information and inspiration to help elevate the food experience while making healthy food fun, delicious, and nutritious and always 100% plant-based.


We believe food is a medicine and can bring people together in wonderful ways. It can impact our health, our mood, our energy, our environment, our economy and also our society. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in the food industry while providing a platform for conscious community and incentives, inspiration to support the shift towards more sustainable solutions.


Our Name

The name Kindred Kitchens derives from the term 'Kindred Spirits' which describes people who share a journey, a mission or a purpose. We consider our clients and members Kindred Spirits as we naturally align with like-minded, purpose-driven businesses and individuals.


The word 'Kindred' can be further divided, the word 'Kind' describes our cruelty-free, meals and menus and also our compassionate approach to teaching in support of life on this planet and also the kindness we give to ourselves for choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.


The word 'red' is the colour of love, of passion and is the colour of the root chakra, which is our connection to source energy— Mother Earth—and all of the basic needs such as water, food, air, love, belonging.


The word 'Kitchens' is plural because we provide services to help kitchens from around the world evolve and thrive through plant-based food-fixes.. 




The Founder

Hi! My Name is Angela and I'm the founder of Kindred Kitchens! I'm a Vegan Chef, Consultant and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am Canada's Vegan and Plant-based Chef on Sysco Canada's Virtual Kitchen. I am also launching The Restaurant Evolution in June 2021, and am exciting to put immunity on the menu through delicious, plant-based menus and supports local restaurants through local, sustainable solutions.  . 

Read my full bio for more information on my training, experience and personal/private offerings as a vegan chef, consultant and integrative nutrition health coach.  

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The Restaurant Evolution

The Restaurant Evolution supports local restaurants and provides
services to upgrade the user experience, through certifications, badges, ratings, reviews and recognition, menu tastings, menu optimizations that put immunity on the menu through healthy, 100% plant-based food-fixes and that increases market share, drives more sales and positively impacts the planet.

We promote and support local and sustainable solutions and ensure transparency in all of our ratings.

Are you a foodie that wants to try out new menus, support local restaurants and postively impact the planet and get 
rewarded for it? If so... join the evolution. 
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